About Us
We started over 11 years ago to give parents an alternative to large group swimming lessons and deliver personal service. Our passion is to see people swimming with confidence and be able to survive and enjoy the water in whatever form they choose.
We have a salt chlorinated pool which is easy on the eyes, skin and lungs. It is ideal for those with asthma or skin allergies and excema. 
We also have a new filter that removes all toxins, metals and chlorine coming into the pool. There is no chlorine smell and togs last forever. We swim in an outdoor pool over summer and in a cozy covered pool over winter.

Our swim school is based on providing the best swimming lessons available in a fun and friendly environment. We aim to treat all children fairly and give them personal attention during each lesson.
We have dedicated, well trained staff who have a passion for teaching children.

We stress the importance of water safety in different environments and run dedicated sessions each term.
We provide both group and private lessons, to all ages including babies.

We also have trained teachers who take baby and pre-school classes during the day.
Our Squad sessions run out of the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Pool in Windermere. There is a natural progression from the small to big pool and as they are next door to each other, parents can have all kids swimming at the same time, at different levels.


71 Windermere Drive

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6.15PM

Sat: 10AM - 12PM ( office only)

Sun: Closed
Classes run Monday to Wednesday between  9.30am and 6.15pm.
Thursday & Friday     2.45pm - 6.15pm



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