Jenni - I have been teaching swimming for over 30 years and over the years have developed techniques to teach children how to swim effectively and in a fun way. My passion is to see them enjoying the water and developing confidence, co-ordination and social skills while still learning to swim and be safe around the water. We aim to teach the whole child and not just teach them swimming skills. Each child is different so deserves to be treated in that way. I teach all ages and levels and keep a close eye on what is going on within the swim school, as well as all the admin work!!




Cathy is one of our ex-mom's and has worked with children for many years. She is a swimmer herself as are her children and is also involved with Surf Lifesaving. She will be helping out as a relief teacher after working here for nearly 5 years.                        


  Megs is another one of our Mum's who started off as a pre - school swim teacher.
 She teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday pre school classes and home school classes.
She also does a fair bit of relief teaching when needed. She has been teaching with us for 5 years and we would be lost without her.

Rachel                            Rachel takes pre school classes on a relief teacher basis. She's a 
                                       favorite with the kids

Fleur                                         Fleur has been with us nearly 6 months now. She is an ex pre                                                     school teacher who has
                                                 decided to teach swimming. She works Monday and Tuesday                                                      teaching pre school.

Amanda  - Amanda has been with us 4 1/2 years now and is a firm favourite with the kids.Her nickname is Amanda Panda!!!  She teaches on Monday afternoons and fills in when needed. She is extremely patient and wonderful with the young ones as well as the older groups. She also has a knack for teaching our special needs kids.


Brett is one of our ex-swimmers who has now returned to teach with us. He teaches Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and has been with us for 2 1/2 years and the kids love having him as a teacher. He is brilliant at getting our more advanced swimmers ready for squads.

Kaleb                                   Kaleb takes Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.He has been 
                                            with us nearly a year.
                                             He is currently studying nursing at the Polytech. He is                                                                   already a firm favourite with the kids.

Daisy                                Daisy has joined us to take squads on Mondays and also takes
                                         Friday afternoon classes.  She is still at uni doing marine and
                                        biological sciences.    

Svenja                              Svenja is going to be helping out doing some relief teaching when 
                                         others are away. She hails from Germany and is studying Marine 



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